What Do HTML5 Templates Mean

Oct 26, 2011

What Do HTML5 Templates Mean Since everything in web design is improving and constantly developingĂ‚ HTML is not an exception. Do you remember when you first got to know the HTMl coding? Those days are gone andĂ‚ HTML 5 is now in power. Webmasters consider it to be a web development break and are sure it is much greater than HTML 4 and even provides some brilliant features Flash can’t give.

What Does HTML5 Mean for Web Development?

Sep 22, 2011

What Does HTML5 Mean for Web Development? Article by John K. Taylor The practice of web development is based upon using a variety of technical languages to ‘write’ or ‘code’ sites online. Developers study for years to get a good grasp of these languages so that they are able to build the amazing effects you see on modern websites. Understandably, then, when a new mark-up language is released it is usually surrounded by a considerable amount of both hype and trepidation from web development professionals.