Guernsey Agency Poised to Launch Oliver Twist Gin

Aug 24, 2011

Oliver Twist GinI do enjoy a good Gin and Tonic and so perfect that we’re in the process of launching a new Gin. A fantastic name and I think our designer has done a great job on the branding.. most importantly it tastes pretty damn good as well.

Very exciting to see the project start with ideas for names and branding, right through to tasting samples of gin from the distillery for them to work towards the perfect flavour. Final product is fairly complex but with a strong hint of citrus – perfect for gin and tonic although I am hoping to try it out with mint at some point as well.

Here is what the site has to say about the gin…

This quintessentially English Gin has been traditionally Distilled in the heart of London using only the finest Mediterranean botanicals. Oliver Twist Gin joins the elite list of truly genuine London Gins.

Oliver Twist Gin