My Short and Mostly Accurate Bio

When I finally get around to choosing an official biographer I’ll get them to write this page first, for now however you’ll have to put up with own rambling thoughts.


I was born in Stockport up north somewhere and via a brief stint in Caerphilly I mostly grew up on the lovely Island of Guernsey in the Channel Islands. Vale Junior school was nice but I really didn’t work hard enough, GCSE’s were fun at the Guernsey Grammar School, as were A-levels, but I really didn’t work hard enough.


I occasionally attended the grand establishment that is Plymouth University, and frequented various pubs and clubs in the area. To this day I have never been anywhere that rains as much as Plymouth! After three years hard-ish work I came out with a 2-1 which I mostly deserved :-)


I love rugby, and if only they would play when the weather is good I would love it a lot more! I’ve played for the Guernsey Rugby Club (I take no responsibility for the site!) for years and played in the Siam cup a good few times – somehow I have managed not to play in our three recent wins over Jersey (although for one of them I was on the bench!) which is a bit depressing really. I also played some rugby for my Uni the highlights of which were being dropped from the first team after scoring a hattrick (yes still bitter!) and then winning the clubs Happy Rugby 7’s tournament in 2000 with my team “The Embezzlers”.


I’m currently enjoying life as a web developer, these days mostly with PHP on WordPress and Magento sites but also a fair bit of Ruby on Rails goodness. I guess if I had to I could trawl my memory for the 5 or 10 years I spent doing various Microsoft languages and I am sure I remember something called Java but that seems like aeons ago!

I work for an advertising agency based in Guernsey called Offshore International or Oi for short but I spend a lot of time working on various home-gown projects as well as a bit of freelancing.