Development Archive

I finally decided to start adding some of my old projects, essays and assignments to my website, as much as a reference for myself as anything else. This will include the odd things I kept from University and a number of long forgotten projects. I can’t vouch for some of the opinions or the quality of the code but who knows it might be useful to somebody one day – or at least bring a smile to my face when I look over old work.

An essay discussing the validity of using the term software engineering

Any textbook on Software Engineering begins by quoting frightening figures about the increasing cost of software development and the unacceptable number of failed

projects. But although the software engineering solution was proposed over 2 decades ago the “software crisis” remains, and “software engineering” is little more than an unrealised ideal

3D Graphics Project Including Hidden Surface Removal and Phong Shading

This was an assignment I did when I was at University and I think it turned out reasonably well. You can read about what I did here (the Phong shading was the complex bit) and download the code.