Development Services

I have a broad range of web design and development skills and although I list a few of these below, I am always trying out new technology and techniques so if your project doesn’t strictly fit any of the below, it is still well worth contacting me.


I have recently built a number of e-commerce sites using the wonderful, if complex, Magento. I have really been impressed with the flexibility that Magento offers the developer, and now I feel I have climbed the extremely steep learning curve I am actually starting to enjoy it. Read more about my Magento Development service.


Building sites with WordPress is a joy! Ever since I started using it, back in early 2009 I found I could develop more functional, better looking and easier to use sites than ever before. Compared to the clunky interfaces developers often hand-over to site administrators the WordPress admin is fantastic and easy to use. I have started putting together my own WordPress plugins for some sites, to enable any kind of functionality required by my clients – including one complex WordPress/Magento integration. Read more about my WordPress development service.

Ruby on Rails

My developer credentials lie rooted firmly in a bedrock of programming and as such I absolutely adore Ruby on Rails. For years I struggled with custom ASP, ASP.NET, PHP and Java projects always finding myself writing unnecessary code or struggling with overcomplicated frameworks. Ruby on Rails solved both these problems with its brilliant implementation of an MVC architecture and pleasing Ruby syntax. For those projects that don’t fit into the Blog/Brochure or e-commerce realm Rails is often where I turn. Read more about my Ruby on Rails development service.


It is still early days for HTML5 and CSS3 but browsers are supporting most of these languages already. Some of the effects you can produce with these will be genuinely stunning and usually without giving your developer a brain hemorrhage while trying to work out how to make it happen. If you need a new site design in HTML5 and CSS3, or just some advice on how your current site can benefit then I would love to hear from you. Read more…

Custom Web Development

Over the years I have developed in plenty of different languages and frameworks, whatever it is you need chances are I have either worked with it, or with somebody who will have experience of it. Be it simple web design, creating valid HTML templates from beautiful Photoshop designs or as newfangled as mobile app development then I am usually keen to get involved. Java Ruby mySQL