HTML5, Drupal 8 And Android Development

Nov 21, 2011

HTML5, Drupal 8 And Android Development Article by Dave F Hudson When android apps are made using the Android Native Development kit (NDK) or the Android Software Development kit (SDK), they will not work on an iPhone, BlackBerry or Windows Mobile, (these have their own software development kits). Each is coded independently, this means that an application designed to operate on 4 mobile internet operating systems will normally require 4 times the work and therefore 4 times the expense.A clever new approach is to use HTML5 (Hyper Text Markup Language) and a compiler (e.g.

Drupal And HTML5

Jul 29, 2011

Drupal And HTML5 With the advent of HTML5-supported browsers, many web developers are looking to switch to using HTML5 for many of their media needs, including the big one: embedded video. While most of the web developing world uses Flash for their embedded video needs, now that HTML5 is on its way and browsers are starting to support it, some web developers want to be on the bleeding edge and switch their sites over to HTML5.