Run a magento module method periodically

Feb 7, 2011

You often want to be able to just write some PHP against your magento system to export, or update bits of data. In the module config file, under the etc folder you need to add a crontab element as a child of the main config element. <crontab> <jobs> <stockupdate_updater> <schedule><cron_expr>*/30 * * * *</cron_expr></schedule> <run><model>stockupdate/updater::import_stock</model></run> </stockupdate_updater> </jobs> </crontab>

Magento Order & Product Properties

Oct 7, 2010

I’m currently working on a module for a magento site that exports orders as they are made on the site. If anyone is trying to do the same then this list of properties may prove useful. I’m simply repeating it here because it took me so long to find and because magento themselves don’t seem to provide a reference and nor is it anywhere in the actual source code! Anyway