Don’t Make Your Ruby App a Gem as an Afterthought – Do it Now!

Jun 9, 2011

I have been working with Ruby and independently with Ruby on Rails for a few years now and although I am really familiar with Gems I have managed to avoid ever creating one myself – recently I had to convert an existing project to a gem and I realise how foolish I was not to “gemify” it from day one. I’m going to talk through the process I went through to help anyone in a similar situation out, but mostly to persuade you to create things as Gems from the start of the project.

Rails/Bundler – libxml2 is missing error

Apr 21, 2011

This is mainly just a quick reference for myself because I keep getting this error and have to search the internet for the solution. Basic problem is that on Ubuntu gems that use the nokogiri library for XML parsing require libxml2 which isn’t usually installed. When you try to install certain gems such as nokogiri or mechanize, either through gems directly or through bundler, get a message about missing dependencies – and when you wade a little deeper that libxml2 is missing.