Google to use HTML5 in Gmail

Sep 17, 2011

Google to use HTML5 in Gmail Ibuynow Laptop Battery – In keeping with Google’s enthusiasm for the emerging HTML5 standard, many upcoming features of the company’s Gmail Web-based e-mail service will be rendered in HTML5, said Adam de Boor, a staff software engineer working on the service. “We have things that we can do much more efficiently in HTML5,” said De Boor, speaking Thursday at the Usenix WebApps ’10 in Boston.

Read URL parameters inside Magento (for tracking)

Feb 19, 2011

You likely want to be able to pass some tracking information about the visitors to your Magento site through to your back-end systems. I usually implement tracking using the same method as Google Analytics, just for convenience. Also, there is a ready-made [URL Builder][1] for clients non-google campaigns. This sends tracking data through to the site but you need a custom module to read those parameters and store them in a cookie.

What does Google Instant mean for Adwords Advertisers?

Sep 9, 2010

The world has had a chance to sleep on the news that the telegraph described as.. technology anti-climax of the decade The Telegraph Personally I’m not so sure! If you had seen google’s homepage back when they launched you may very well have said the same thing. Sometimes big ideas and habit changing tools lack the wow factor we come to expect. This change seems to be backed-up by some decent research about how people type their searches into google and lets face it, they have enough data to be sure it is significant.

Google maps Mashup for Property in Guernsey

Dec 16, 2009

This project was undertaken to add a new dimension to searching for and finding property in Guernsey. Sellers or estate agents are now able to position a marker on a google map to indicate the location of the property and buyers are able to see this location on a map when viewing the property details. This involved plenty of javascript integration between the website, it’s Ruby on Rails backend and the google maps API.