Magento Error SQLSTATE[28000] [1045] Access denied for user "username"@"localhost" (using password: YES)

May 20, 2011

I have fallen foul of this error a couple of times now and it is tricky to find the correct information online to fix the problem. It seems there are two obvious situations where this error occurs and depending on your version of Magento, or exactly what you did then there are three simple things to check to fix it and get your Magento site back up and running. It is worth mentioning at this point that you can always get back to your system by renaming your local.xml file and hitting your homepage.

5 steps to get you started with rails migrations

Aug 21, 2007

Rails migrations are brilliant. I say this because until now I had heard of them, seen articles about them and like poor misguided VB programmers I had completely ignored them. They make loads of potentially tricky database migration, rollback and versioning issues a doddle but mainly (from my point of view) they mean I can develop more in ruby and less in SQL. This makes my development faster, easier and more standardised which in turn makes my life simpler, calmer and more fun – everybody wins.