Turn Based

Logo Designs for AlienEmpires

Sep 6, 2010

The game may have been around for a whille as lcog but now we have a new name – AlienEmpires, we really needed a new logo. So here are a few initial ideas… And a first try with a colour palette. Palette is from dynamicgraphics.com and hopefully matches the kind of colours used in 60s sci-fi.

Guernplan – A VGA Planets Game

Jul 1, 2007

VGA Planets is a brilliant multiplayer turn based strategy game Over the years VGA Planets is probably the computer game I have spent the most time playing – it is also probably the cheapest. It came on three floppy discs, posted from America, and once installed you got a dodgy user interface and suspect graphics inspired by various sci-fi genres. What you also got was an incredibly rich mixture of races to play and a huge variety of gameplay styles underpinned by a demanding economic model.