Ruby on Rails Tutorial: Vital to learn to Hire Rails Freelance

Jul 9, 2011

Nowadays, Ruby on Rails Tutorial is of utmost significance and in huge demand among the web programmers as it is the best way to learn each and everything about ROR framework in an efficient manner. It is the best medium for the aspiring rails freelancers who are looking to improve their development capabilities resourcefully. Best way of finding Ruby on Rails Tutorials, books, expert rais frelancer interviews and sessions is to go online.

Using Layout Update XML in Magento

Jun 19, 2011

The Magento Designer’s Guide has the following short intro about layout XML and I think it explains it quite well, although I will go through some more detail with examples afterwards. Layout is a virtual component of the Magento application. By modifying the components of layout, you can build your store page in an upgrade-compatible way. Layout is comprised of default layout and layout updates that are made up of easy-to-learn XML tags.

Magento: Setting columns and limiting products shown in grid

Apr 15, 2011

I recently started experimenting with creating my own page templates and using the layout update XML to add content into the page. This works well for more complicated page designs and is particularly suitable for the homepage or landing pages. I did hit a minor snag however and that was when I added a product list or grid I couldn’t see how to specify the number of columns the grid should contain.

Magento: Retrieve the store name, inside a module

Mar 17, 2011

I thought this would be simple usually that is my first mistake with Magento. As it transpires it really is simple for once but worth mentioning, if only so that when I need it again in six months time I have it written down somewhere. There are plenty of reasons you might want to do this, from turning functionality on or off within your module – or like in my case – using the store code as a prefix on order numbers.

Magento Multi Language, Currency & Region Setup

Feb 22, 2011

Several options here depending on exactly what you need. Currency can be handled at website, Store or Store level and if multiple currencies are set “as allowed” then the currency changer will show up. By default this appears in the left sidebar and is added in using the directory layout file (why directory?). To move this to the header, comment out the directory bit and move it to the page layout file – inside the header block.

Creating your own Magento module

Feb 6, 2011

Create a folder here /app/code/local/[organization_name]/[module_name] You need an etc folder with config.xml in it containing something like the below. In this case it is expecting at least a Model folder with a php file (with any name) that defines a class with a matching name plus the name of the file it is in. <?xml version="1.0"?> <config> <global> <models> <stockupdate> <class>Swn_StockUpdate_Model</class> </stockupdate> </models> </global> </config> This would match a class in a file Model/Updater.php with the following class.