Catherine Best Magento eCommerce Website

Jun 10, 2011

This Magento site had a really fast turn-around and I think everyone has been really pleased by the results. We are aiming for a high-end market and trying to make the most of the Jewellery. From a technical point of view the site uses Magento under the hood, but the product lists have been heavily customised to show large product images and use some flashy javascript to scroll through the product photos. The product pages themselves have also been customised significantly to provide a much simpler and cleaner view than a standard Magento page would provide but also to replace the standard photo zoom function with a nicer looking thumbnail/image arrangement. Once you start getting deeper into the eCommerce bits of the site it reverts to a slightly more Magento standard look and feel – because it works so well.

Take a look at the gallery below for a closer look.