Introduction Ruby on Rails as Excellent Programming language

Jul 17, 2011

Introduction Ruby on Rails as Excellent Programming language

What is Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is a technology that allows you to develop dynamic Web sites geared the database and web applications – similar to many other programming languages such as PHP or ASP.

However, despite being younger than these two languages, Ruby on Rails come growing at an astonishing and have attracted the attention of developers worldwide, because it allows it to increase speed and ease in development projects.

Technically speaking, Rails is a framework created in the programming language Ruby (hence the name Ruby on Rails) A framework is like a skeleton upon which to develop an application complete.

There are dozens of frameworks available and many of them exist to longer than Rails, so what makes Rails something so important? The answer is Simple: The Rails was created in order to enable agile development, with high productivity, writing a few lines of code and having lots of results as a consequence. Applications that require weeks or months to develop.

What are Ruby Language

Ruby is an interpreted scripting language for object-oriented programming philosophy and with a very clean syntax that make programming is elegant and fun.

The language was created in the early 90’s in Japan and quickly gained popularity worldwide for its philosophy to focus on people. To become a full Ruby on Rails developer is important to know the background to the Ruby language. There are dozens of books, tutorials and websites that can give you four help, with great emphasis on the very site of the Ruby language.

**Setup and Installation Ruby on Rails

This material assumes that you are familiar with Web programming general, and at least one relational database. In preparing this material was used MySQL, because it is a bank and being easy to install widely on the web, but you can use that more to adapt to their environment, especially considering that Rails hides most of the nesssa complex area and it supports all major databases on the market.

For starters, let’s assume that you have a database installed and that ready to install the Ruby language and Rails.

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