Central Capital Commercial Website

Feb 5, 2006


This was a relatively new brand for the company and had been untested on the web. This was entirely my project from a creative perspective and I managed the relationship with the marketing manager and conducted all of the branding, design and web development. The site went live Feb 2006. We ran a PPC campaign for 9 months but eventually it was cancelled as the quality of enquiry was not sufficiently good (too many people applying did not match our commercial loan criteria). The site is still used for traffic from emails and mailing packs.

The homepage is designed to try and reinforce the credibility of a new brand and to allow people to navigate to the application form. It suffers like many of the pages in this site of too little content to justify the amount of copy in the left column. This was done to reduce the visibility of the “wealth warning” legals on the left.

The application form was the landing page for a PPC campaign and had to maximise conversion rate. To do this the page layout was modified to put the application form in the prime location, with supporting information on the right. With hindsight not enough time was spent on the actual form elements, although the CTE was reasonably good – the enquiries were of a poor quality.

[1]: http://www.jimcode.org