Platinum Loans Website

Jun 22, 2006

Platinum Loans was a new brand created in order to offer an individually chosen loan plan with a low rate so that we could advertise a low APR. Compliance required that we check the users eligibility for this plan and we had to provide duplicate versions of the site for other APR’s. The design was provided by our creative team and I built the site, application form and the management of different APR versions of the site. The site went live June 2006 followed by a number of changes over the following months. After six months the PPC campaign was withdrawn as we felt the process of applying was too confusing due to the compliance requirements.

The Platinum brand was created in order to advertise a low APR on the homepage emphasises this. Three versions of this page could be navigated to, each with a different APR and the user would start on the lowest rate and then be redirected to the lower rates if they were judged not to meet the criteria required for this plan. The whole site dynamically displayed the APR’s so that we didn’t have to repeat messages, or layout.

This page asked the user to confirm that they met the criteria for the current loan plan, these questions changed depending on which version (which APR) the site was displaying. The user would then be redirected to either the application form, or to a version with a higher APR.

The actual application form sent it’s data through to the back-end system as XML, adding extra information to indicate which version of the site the user had filled the form in on.