Loans4Tenants Website

Dec 2, 2006

I designed the loans4tenants site and created the logo, although there was a colour scheme change before we went live. I build the site myself, including the application form, which includes optional sections and pages – up to a maximum of 10 pages. The application form includes some javascript to hide and show sections and sends it’s data through to a SQL Server database. The site was received very well by the business and enquiries were raised by approximately 50% (no data was collected on the previous site!). The site was also the first to utilise my custom written CMS system called dabble that made use of XML and XSLT from within a custom ASP.NET HTTP handler. The site went live Nov 2006.

every page of the loans4tenants site includes the first page of the application form in a panel on the right hand side. The design is simple and clear, with navigation relegated to the bottom of the screen, emphasising the application form.

Once the user submits the first page of the application form they are transferred to a slightly different design, with the application form taking up the whole page. In this example the user has validation errors from the first page (submitted from the homepage) and must correct the errors before they can proceed to the next page.

The second page of the application has optional sections which are hidden or shown based on the answers the user gives (javascript). This page also includes a previous button – with such a long and complex application form we felt users would benefit from being able to go and review their answers.

This is the same page as show above, but the user has indicated that they have not been in their current address for three years. In this case we need to gather the details of their previous addresses.

Traffic to this site has primarily been forwarded from one of the companies other brands. The other brands cannot offer products to people without a mortgage and they are redirected to custom pages within this site explaining why they have been sent here and trying to reinforce the relationship between the brands in order to build trust.