Debtbuster Loans Website

Sep 10, 2007

Until this release very little effort had been made to increase the sites visibility in natural search engines. This version of the site was used on all none landing pages and was more text based, it went live Sept 2007.

The homepage is optimised for the UK Loans keyword (loans by itself being extremely competitive) and the design is text-heavy and quite simple to allow spiders to crawl the site as easily as possible. Semantic HTML has been used and is styled using CSS, again to help the spiders.

The site includes a number of interactive features such as the calculator, budget planner, feedback forms and application forms. The calculator takes it’s settings from an XML file and chooses an interest rate based on the loan amount selected and then does the calculations for the user.

The site now includes a hierarchically structured set of authority pages, at the top level we are aiming for the keyword “UK loans”, then at the next level more specific keywords like “debt consolidation loans”, below that level other pages are even more specific versions in an attempt to get the maximum exposure on a variety of phrases within the search engines.

the sites custom CMS also included a glossary system where specified keywords could be automatically picked-out within the site content and linked through to relevant pages, allowing for a much higher level of internal linking and linking within paragraph content rather than just menus.

The sitemap mirrors the hierarchical structure of the authority pages, as well as the other pages in the site.