Debtbuster Loans Optimized PPC Landing Page

Mar 19, 2008

This design hopes to split the sales messages off onto a front page and then concentrate more on support and reassurance messages on subsequent pages. This design went live in Feb 2008 and so far has had mixed results. Click through rates once customers arrive on the app form are very good but the extra drop-off because of the “pre” page seems to be limiting it to similar performance to the current control design.

We originally tested this page with a more sophisticated layout but in order to try and improve click through rate I redesigned it with a very simple, linear flow. Although this looks poor, the aim is to more accurately meet the customers thought process and to simplify their eye-flow down the page.

Once the customer reaches the second page they arrive on the application for with our standard questions. This design is much less cluttered than the old designs and simplifies eye-flow by only using a single column.

As usual page 3 is the final mandatory page. After collecting the DPA we can process the customers loan enquiry – subsequent pages help us process it more easily but are not needed.

This design has the same questions as previous application forms (shown here in full) although this page breaks down the normal long page into a series of shorter chunks. This will be measured against the standard one page approach but currently not enough data has been collected.