Landing page optimization certification

Jul 30, 2008

Landing page optimization is the process of honing the pages your visitors land on to achieve a particular objective – this could be buy something, read an article or give you some data. I’ve just completed a fantastic course from Marketing Experiements covering this topic – very good material, well presented and the weather was great out in Florida.

They have given me this lovely seal to display on my site.

Marketing Experiments Professional Certification Program

A summary of the course…

MEC-003 — Landing Page Optimization Certification Course

This is a six-session course revealing proven strategies to optimize landing pages for both retail products and subscription services. Landing pages are the “money pages” for many businesses online, and it is essential that they be optimized to deliver the highest conversion rates possible.

As a student of this course you will:

  • Understand the process and taxonomy of testing
  • Develop a value proposition to motivate your page visitors
  • Reduce friction and motivate page visitors to move forward and take action
  • Increase page relevance and reduce visitor anxiety
  • Design landing pages to hold and engage the attention of your readers
  • Test and track metrics and analyze results to make further improvements