iQ Investment Questionnare Risk Reporting System

Jun 28, 2009

This project was to build an online system with various user roles for requesting, completing and reviewing risk reporting questionnaires. Ruby on Rails seemed the best framework to use for this and a lot of the system simply uses styled versions of the standard Rails scaffolds.

The core functionality of the system was to track the workflow of risk questionnaires and these are presented in a series of tabs, each tab containing a table of questionnaires in that “state”. The questions were then asked in sections, all of which could be dynamically put together with specific questions.

Each section contains a list of questions, with the answer being given as “skipped”, a freeform text answer or a file uploaded. These questions were all answered, changed and saved using AJAX to enable a fast and simple experience for the users.

Once the sections of the questionnaire are completed the answers can be reviewed and a further section is put together to score them. The scoring section uses the same format with AJAX questions and includes HTML templates for the answers that are easily edited within the text editor box.

The key to all of this was security and ensuring various parties were only able to access their own information, and that parties could only edit questions from the correct state in the workflow.