Quantum Med Marine Website

Jan 25, 2010

This website build was a WordPress site built to a design put together by our in-house designer and included JavaScript fading images and pop-up windows for video, for which we used flowplayer. The site design had a few complicated elements, mainly the JavaScript fading images that needed to fade in-sync with each other (the ship masts overlap on some images etc.). We achieved a really professional looking site and everyone involved was pleased with the results.

About Quantum Med Marine

For 15 years Quantum has set the global standard for innovative yacht technology. In 1999, Quantum invented and implemented the first successful dual-purpose roll stabilization system, trademarked as ZeroSpeedâ„¢. This feat of engineering forever changed the yachting world by stabilizing the rolling motion of almost any vessel not only when underway, but also when anchored or drifting.