Guernsey Telephone Directory for

Mar 30, 2010

Guernsey Telephone DirectoryA brief meeting with Cable & Wireless Guernsey and we hit upon the idea of integrating a portion of the find website with their island wide telephone directory. The main complaint with their service was that you had to select several drop down boxes and enter your search into a different box depending on whether you wanted to search white/yellow pages. They have since updated and improved their website but we still prefer our find version. We lump both searches into one and just require a search term from the user. The results are not quite what we wanted but we were very limited by the way the results are returned as pretty unusual little HTML snippets. Too much display information and no semantics were included in the returned HTML, so there was little we could do except output and style what we had. Maybe the next step is for us to build our own phonebook, or maybe business directory.

Anyway, if you need a phone number try the Guernsey phonebook on