Nerdexpress WordPress Website

Jun 10, 2010

For this job I inherited some branding and an initial homepage design but once I started talking with the client it became clear that the design was somewhat lacking for his needs. I opted for a set of tabs at the top to enter the main areas of the site, including the blog and a secondary navigation menu on the right column of the page. The secondary navigation provided access to the services the company offer. Further to this there is a main banner on the homepage that fades through a set of key featured services to allow the company to make certain offerings even more prominent.

I also ensured that links to the companies Facebook and twitter accounts were highly prominent as this was something they were keen to take advantage of.

The site is put together in WordPress and while containing a blog, it mainly promotes the company’s list of services – grouped into a number of areas that can be accessed through a sliding accordion menu, on the right of the page. All of the information populating the homepage banner (that fades through several services) and the service summaries and menus are driven dynamically from content added to the specific service pages. This makes changing, or adding services very simple – as the site will automatically change to reflect the changes.

Take a look at the NerdExpress website, or you can browse the screenshots below.

About Nerdexpress

Nerdexpress opened for business in July 2007, due to the growing demand for home computer support – where a technician (i.e. nerd) comes to your house and provides you with any computer support you need.

Support might include setting up your new PC, installing new software, removing viruses, retrieving lost data or even creating the ultimate home theatre experience.