Documentary evidence that Thursday is in fact, the new Friday

Sep 23, 2010

I have documentary evidence that Thursday is in fact, the new Friday.

NY Times and [Orange][1]

And, if we can’t trust American Newspapers or French Telecommunications Networks then who can we trust!?

I particularly like the bit about the quote from the clash…

What it doesn”t mention is that the weekend comes to a halt some time on Sunday evening when we suddenly remember, to quote The Clash, that “Monday”s coming like a jail on wheels”.

Lucky for us, because Thursday is the new Friday that means Monday is actually the new Tuesday. We can skip Monday altogether with a clever combination of caffeine and our combined will-power.

Well that’s the plan anyway!

Was this why Douglas Adams’ character Arthur Dent always had such trouble with Thursdays? If so, make sure you all have your towels on standby!