Loc8tor Multi-Region Multi-Language Magento eCommerce Website

Jun 14, 2011

This new site follows a design I was provided and is built using Magento and a number of specialist plugins. The core Magento functionality for different websites and stores was used to create versions of the site in multiple languages and with slightly different product ranges and pricing. All of this was done with the minimum of repetition within the admin portion of the site.

I used an Advanced Currency plugin by Retail Evolved to allow for prices to be set in one currency but billed in another – allowing the site owners to keep a single currency merchant account. The checkout then uses a OneStepCheckout plugin to provide a much slicker purchasing process.

The site also integrates with a third-party site for tracking the customers purchased GPS devices. This involved sending top-up purchases to a SOAP webservice and the creation of a device activation and login section to send customers through to the tracking panel.