Ruby on Rails Website Development Services May Use Version 3.0

Jun 17, 2011

Ruby on Rails is a web development tool that has gained sudden popularity! Originally, the programming language by the name of Ruby was formulated. However, it was not as successful as expected. Later on, “37 Signals’ developed the programming language called Rails for use within the company using Ruby. This combination of Ruby and Rails gained widespread acceptance. Ruby on Rails development became popular in the world of web development. It has its own benefits to back up the hype.

This program uses convention over configuration. It enables you to do little configuration while coding. It has an MVC framework; which means that model, view, and controller are incorporated effortlessly. Its framework is user friendly and practical to use. It uses only one language that is Ruby. Ruby is an object oriented language which is easy to use. Ruby on Rails website development services are increasing in number because of the demand for Ruby on Rails development. Despite its framework being large and unnecessary for some projects, it is getting increasingly popular.

In fact, the buzz in the web development market is about Ruby on Rails version 3.0. David Hanssen, while working for 37 Signals, developed the first version. It was developed with the intention to provide more power than Perl and more structure than Python. Later on, the second version was formulated in Ruby on Rails development. It aimed to deploy original web applications in a few days. Now, the much hyped Ruby on Rails 3.0 is here, merging the Merb framework! Ruby on Rails website development services may use this version immensely in the near future.

Developers are going to find Ruby on Rails development faster and better by the release of this version. Some of the features of this version include:

*Unobtrusive [removed] This modern technique in the JavaScript programming language is a part of the latest version of Ruby on Rails development.

*JavaScript Framework Compatibility: This version is compatible with any JavaScript framework and allows its integration.

*Dependency Management with Bundler: This Ruby library makes the task of dependency management easy and gives the web developers access to many libraries.

*Improved Cross-site Scripting (XSS) Protection: Ruby on Rails development for version 3 gives better security by providing protection against XSS holes.

*Enhanced modularity and code reuse ability: Action Mailer enables reduced amount of code and duplication of other libraries in this version. Moving the existing application to this program without immediately rewriting your old code is also possible.

Being a new technology, this version of Ruby on Rails is still in its developing stage! However, the scope for it is bright. Ruby on Rails website development services are quickly adapting to version 3.0. It took several years for development. Now, when it’s finally out, it is likely to live up to the expectations set for it. It is 100% rack compatible. Ruby on Rails is expected to get widely popular in the coming years with the use of this version. Its use may even exceed the use of other programming languages like ASP, PHP, etc.