One-Eyed Willy’s Guide to a Good Game of VGA Planets

Jul 7, 2011

One-Eyed Willy’s Guide to a good game of Planets

[Steve Andrews, 2005][1]

Everything here isn’t strictly true and should always be

seen in the context of an actual game. As Egg Shen would say: take what

you want and leave the rest:)

1. Start of game

  • Max factories.
  • Max mines.
  • Raise engine technology to level 10.
  • Lower tax rate to 0%.
  • Do not waste resources on defence posts or starbase defence.

2. What to build

  • Always use tech 10 engines, except for ships you intend to tow.
  • Use only tech 2 or tech 5 beams, except for mine sweeping ships.
  • Use only tech 5 or tech 10 torpedoes.
  • LDSF’s are the freighter of choice.

3. Colonising the cluster

  • NEVER set the mission to Colonize! This dismantles your ship at the

    planet. Instead beam down colonists.

  • Always have ships expanding your borders. Set the mission to Beam Up

    Fuel and drop off 1 clan at every world you come to.

  • Follow these ships with others which drop off enough colonists, supplies

    and MC to establish a proper colony.

  • On rubbish planets drop 1 clan to act as a listening post.

  • On planets you want to mine drop 200 clans max. 100 clans is a good

    number unless there are a LOT of minerals underground.

  • On planets with natives drop enough to maximise the tax or, in the case of

    Bovinoids, the amount of supplies generated.

  • The number of supplies and MC to drop is tricky. Play the long game

    and don’t bankrupt yourself is my advice.

  • The type of native government is very important. Anything worse than

    Feudal is poor for taxation.

  • If the temperature is above 15 or below 85 you can effectively ignore it.

    If it falls in the extremes be aware of population limits!

4. Managing your economy

  • Fuel is paramount. If possible make your ships travel with as little

    fuel as possible to complete their missions, anything which increases mass

    wastes fuel.

  • Early on don’t tax your homeworld since this maximises population growth.

5. Conflict

  • To initiate a fight a ship must EITHER: have the race of the other

    ship/planet set as it’s primary enemy and/or have it’s mission set to KILL.

  • For planets to initiate a fight they must use friendly codes of “ATT” or “NUK”.

  • For ship v ship combat to occur the ships must not have the same friendly

    codes. If the friendly codes are the same the ships will not fight.

  • Minesweep to detect minefields. Be aware you can lay a minefield to

    destroy a minefield.

  • Don’t lay 1 large field, lay several overlapping fields.

  • Even high planetary defences are useless against anything larger than a

    scout. If you are going to maximise the defence of your starbase make

    sure it has at least 40 fighters otherwise most capital ships will win against


  • Simulate all expected battles before committing to an attack