Has PSD to HTML Conversion Market Diverged After The Launch of HTML5?

Sep 1, 2011

Has PSD to HTML Conversion Market Diverged After The Launch of HTML5?

When it comes to website development, PSD to HTML/XHTML is considered to be the most reliable and effective way of converting design to HTML. However, ever since the introduction of HTML5, there has been a constant debate on whether PSD to HTML5 will bring an end to PSD to HTML conversion? Before coming to this point, let us discuss about HTML and HTML5.

HTML is a hyper text markup language that helps to develop smooth and error free web pages. HTML5 is an advanced version of HTML. Unlike HTML, HTML5 provides video elements. Also, HTML5 is supported by modern browsers such as Firefox, Mozilla, Opera, Chrome, Safari etc., whereas HTML only supports old browsers. In a nutshell, HTML has some really advanced features that help in the development of highly dynamic web pages.

Although with the introduction of HTML5, there has been an inclination towards PSD to HTML5 conversion but PSD to HTML conversion is very much there in the market. The relevance and importance of PSD to HTML cannot be denied. PSD to HTML conversion provides a completely W3C compliant and cross browser compatible website. It ensures that the site is developed according to the proper web standards.

With PSD to HTML, a website gets all the required features to enhance the working and performance of a site. Due to the reliability offered by PSD to HTML, it is still a favorite of many. Although HTML5 has some advanced features, but it is currently preferred by those who need to develop a highly dynamic and advanced website. PSD to HTML does the job really well when it comes to any website development, whatever be the domain.

Thus it can be said that PSD to HTML5 has not really threatened the PSD to HTML. At least, not for now. With the number of features provided by PSD to CSS/HTML and quality of conversion guaranteed by it, it will be hard to predict its future too soon. Only time will tell how much impact would HTML5 have on PSD to HTML conversion. Till then, PSD to HTML is going to be in the market just like it has been there for all these years. This implies that people across the world will continue to PSD to HTML for their website development project. It is also going to remain the favorite of website developers across the world.

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