Is HTML5 Development proving to be a risk for Flash and Silverlight?

Nov 18, 2011

Is HTML5 Development proving to be a risk for Flash and Silverlight?

Article by Elan Technologies

HTML 5 is covering huge grounds of success after the switch from HTML 4. According to the W3C report, HTML5 is aiming toward Web applications, which was not actually paid attention to in the various versions of HTML. In other words, HTML5 is actually filling up the void that Flash and Silverlight have not managed to do, even now.

HTML 5 is really big and is the advent of a new age of the Web as the newest specification has forced analysts to go weak in their knees as to show brilliant capabilities covering video and graphics along with a lot of valuable APIs with the latest technology.

HTML5 technologies such as Canvas are being promoted by, Google and Mozilla. Analysts say that the next-gen apps are incredibly responsive and boast of a large number of enhancements and features.After five years of work on HTML 5, video support will be integrated to Firefox 3.5. Google’s new Chrome browser can do anything right from video tags, derived from the HTML5 specification. And Microsoft has several HTML5 features in Internet Explorer 8 which includes local storage and AJAX navigation. Adobe, Microsoft etc are concentrating W3C’s HTML5 efforts while the other players stress on the need for other products.

Silverlight provides more advanced features and boosts a faster programming model using multiple technologies like C#, 3-D, and out-of-browser capabilities. With those features, Silverlight will ultimately provide a richer Internet experience.

The browser market is highly fragmented, and there were various incompatibilities between browsers. In the meantime, the Adobe Flash platform will continue to be a consistent platform that can deliver a rich web experience. Some analysts argue that their own offering is the best and has much more advanced rendering, performance, and behavior than HTML5.Some analysts also believe that there is absolute no immediate danger to the market or establishing monopoly to these rich Internet app browser plug-ins. Most analysts suggest and think that the concept of plug-ins will continue to make the necessary impact.

It is also debatable to realize the advantages of all web development mediums. HTML 5 has added new syntactical features. There is absolute no need to take resort to proprietary plugins and APIs too. There is no conclusion to the never-ending debate on the future of web presentation and which technology rules the roost. The only thing is that it can co-exist and then let the people decide whether the technology is suiting their needs.

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