The iPad Magazine: Ahead of the HTML5 Revolution

Nov 30, 2011

The iPad Magazine: Ahead of the HTML5 Revolution

Article by Keri Reynolds

The beautiful aspect of the iPad magazine concept is its forward thinking vision. As a technology of tomorrow, this form of digital content is already looking towards the future. Before too long, we will be running out of traditional web addresses, a concept that seemed virtually impossible when the web came of fashion in the 1990s, akin to the Sahara Desert running out of sand. Though still a developing programming language, the iPad HTML5 already addresses this problem by preparing itself for the web of the future where the next stage of Internet URLs will be laid out.

Like an impending typhoon, the oceans of the Internet are surprisingly calm about their own impending doom. It seems like smooth sailing with enough Internet URLs to burn. The trouble is that money burns too, and when it does it gets very expensive. The web will soon be out of room and will soon have to move to the next level with HTML5 technology to allow for further evolution.

The trouble is that most websites are completely unprepared, with only a minority segment of the web preparing to instigate HTML5. Leave it to the geeks to get their Pez dispensers in line. The developers of iPad magazine have already prepared for the online transformation by instigating iPad HTML5 throughout the content platform for a seamless transition to the shift.

The shift is going to shake the Internet, and most websites will be unprepared. At the same time, online media content has never played a more important role. Those who rule that space are ideally positioned with the iPad magazine, as every layer of the platform comes withHTML5 installed from day one.

Like heathens before the flood, the vast majority of Internet content will be lost in rising waters as the tide rolls out on HTML5. Those who plan content for the iPad magazine, however, have built their media on solid ground, as iPad HTML5 will be the next transition of the Internet. The evolution has already been included in the technology. Don’t worry. You don’t have to think about it. The geeks have already taken care of it for you.

That leaves you, the content producer, free to do what you do best- create and post content. Don’t worry about the format issues for iPad magazine, as there aren’t any. Geeks get the job done well ahead of the typhoon via iPad HTML5, the next transition for web media.

About the Author

Tavishh McFadden is the author of this article on iPad HTML and the evolution of iPad magazine programming.