TV Apps Development, Android Development, the Adappt Compiler and HTML5

Nov 10, 2011

TV Apps Development, Android Development, the Adappt Compiler and HTML5

Article by Dave F Hudson

There is a consumer trend for more video, media content, advanced interactivity and internet activities. Smart TV applications can interact with (and host) media based social networking. Using integrated payment protocols, Smart TV apps unlock eCommerce revenues, either for direct content purchasing, TV Shopping products or advertising, together with contextually related services and products, such as virtual dating.With Smart TV Apps, users can purchase and download applications and content from a wide variety of service providers, directly from their Smart TVs.Companies like adappt, by working with the Samsung developer program, are able to build on their own platform innovations so that their apps are harmonious with emerging standards.

Desktop Browsers and TV BrowsersTV Browsers and Desktop BrowsersEarly users of Google TV’s found they could change the browser user agent setting from the default of “Advanced” to “Generic,” to allow access to content from and other sites that were blocking sending material to Google TV. Changing the mode from default to Generic tells websites that it’s a standard Chrome web browser – as usedon a laptop or desktop computer.Ideally any company involved in web design should have comprehensive knowledge of android development, to ensure sites are fully optimised for TV and can correctly recognise the browser.

Compilers, Android Development and HTML5: How HTML Became HTML5Early web pages were often simply pages of information, similar to a page in a book. Users wanted them to be more interactive (e.g. buttons were added, and then graphics), newer versions of HTML were written. The newest release is HTML5, which is designed for the second decade of the 21st century (post 2010) and is therefore ideally suitable for TV apps development. If an app is required for an android, iphone, or BlackBerry mobile device, then using a compiler and HTML5, the app will not only work on the primary mobile internet device, e.g. an android, but can also be cross compiled for the Blackberry, iPhone or any other internet device.Android development with the adappt compiler allows Movie & Music Apps, real-time Gaming, news and any other apps to be coded efficiently and in minimal time based on HTML5, and then cross compiled. This gives large cost savings. This means that a specialist app for a company needs to be written only once, it can then be cross compiled for all the full suite of browsers (these all use HTML5), some examples are browsers for the iPhone, iPad, Windows mobile, BlackBerry, Smart TV, and Google TV.The range of TV apps is limited only by imagination and the TV screen can double as a virtual playground for games (like QuizzMaster and Texas Hold’em). Users can download entertainment and informational apps (e.g. USA Today, AccuWeather, Google Maps) and popular social networking apps (e.g. like Twitter and Facebook).

Android Apps will make Smart TV and Google TV a Success.There have been previous ‘internet TV failures’ including ‘The Original Internet TV of the 1990’s and more recently, Apple TV. It is recognised that Android Development has been responsible for the success of android devices such as smart phones and tablets. The same will happen to Google TV and Smart TV; TV Apps Development will now make the difference between success and failure, especially if the application developers have significant experience in digital broadcast TV’.

ConclusionA few companies at the cutting edge of coding apps for the Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, windows mobile and coding for android development have taken advantage of the universal compatibility of HTML5 to reduce development time & cost and increase output efficiency. These companies are also at the cutting edge of TV apps development because of their expertise with android development and compilers.

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