Facebook for eCommerce

Dec 20, 2011

facebook magento extensionNowadays it”s hard (if not impossible) to imagine the Internet without Facebook. Whether you want it or not, this social network has become a powerful source for everything that”s connected with people and the modern way of life. Besides its original function as a social networking site, Facebook has turned into a solid platform for online business. It”s no surprise that online store owners appreciate its importance in full measure as they make use of it every day. I mean, only the wise store owners do, of course. In other words, if you run an online store and you don”t use it, you lose a big opportunity to promote your shop and gain more customers. So, Facebook is a perfect tool for online business that you should definitely take advantage of.

One of the basic concepts of a successful business is quite easy – you should be where your customers are. This is the substantive law for every serious business. You won”t hunt down a fox in a center of a big city, will you? So if a large number of your potential customers are on Facebook (and they definitely are), your very next step is evident – let them know about you and your store as quick as possible.

Eventually, Facebook enters the top 6 websites in terms of traffic, so your presence on your customers” Facebook walls is beyond arguing.

The greatest thing about Facebook is that you start only with one or two people, but then you”re linked to all of their friends and potentially you”ll get all of their friends” friends. Nothing is better than a flow of thousands of potential customers in a short amount of time.

The Facebook extension for Magento is a useful module that allows your customers to post the details of their purchase back to their Facebook wall. This means that your products and site will be marketed to all of their friends. Friends won”t underrate such information because we are all influenced by what our friends buy.

When they make a purchase, a corresponding post is added to their Facebook wall. This is a solid proof that they did business with you. And when their friends click on the post, they go straight to your website where they can buy something as well.

The Facebook Extension is your starting point of gaining numerous potential customers. This module opens the doors of your store to the whole world. This extension, along with [Sociable extension][2] which is also worth your attention, turns to be a perfect solution for social bookmarking of your products and store pages.

[2]: http://ecommerce.aheadworks.com/magento-extensions/sociable.html?utm_source=www.jimcode.org&utm_medium=article&utm_campaign=article