The Benefits of HTML5 over SEO

Dec 8, 2011

The Benefits of HTML5 over SEO

Article by Eliteinfow

HTML is an XML based language used for structuring and presenting the content on World Wide Web. HTML5 has many new concepts which will be beneficial more to Web Developers and Designers. Web designing done with the help HTML5 will make them very independent and they will not have to do more coding overall as there is no need of scripting for validation.SEO is a process of improving the design of the website to make sure that our website is compatible with some specific search engine to get us a much more competitive at all websites, optimized for the relevant keywords often required by our customers.

It works by segmenting the common links on the page of the website and by their potential signals they identify those common elements. HTML 5 makes this work easier for them by its new introduced tags.

HTML 5 helps in improving the understanding of search engines of structures and content to provide better accessibility. HTML5 has introduced new HTML tags and a new feature of page segmentation which now with HTML5 Web Design allow applying page segmentation. It is an advantage for SEO as it will not allow search engines to dissect by implementing it and so they will evaluate our pages more efficiently. The improved sectioning will assist them easily to understand the whole layout of the page of the website.