Create a Portfolio during WordPress Development

Jan 4, 2012

Create a Portfolio during WordPress Development

Article by Alex Smith

There are many artists and photographers who like to showcase their work online. Such people can do so easily when WordPress development is in progress or even after the website has been built. The team of developers at Wits Technologies, Noida, takes advantage of this during WordPress development India. Even web designers like to showcase their work by utilizing a specially made theme. To create and display their portfolio they use the link manager contained within WordPress itself.Savvy developers enter data such as special attributes during WordPress development in India. Then they add description, screenshots and the name to create the portfolio. It is important to give a link to the website and define categories during the WordPress development. The advantage of WordPress is that it is has its own tags and codes which you can utilize to display the portfolio.There is a small warning here. If you accidentally delete the portion of the code related to the categories, then you will find the site showing up under the uncategorized sites on search engines. You need to use the WordPress link manager to display your portfolio tags. Try using the RSS 2.0 for following any responses. Developers know that one of the big challenges facing them during WordPress development in India is how display the latest items in a portfolio on the main page. Some even want it to show up as tiles, while most people want their latest additions to show up as thumbnails.If you are wondering how all this impacts you, then you should remember that if a significant portion of your business is conducted online displaying a high quality portfolio is essential. This is especially relevant to sites which trade paintings and various kinds of antique pieces online. Those who know how to get the maximum mileage from WordPress development use the in-built link manager to create and display portfolios – for themselves and for others. There would not be any need to hack codes or even use additional plugins.In case you are wondering how the project can be kept private till you are ready to go live, use an optional field called Target where you can force your links to open into a new browser window and keep your link private. That way the site will not display the portfolio you have just set up while the site is still in the beta testing stage. So you can see that all you need is a creative mind for WordPress development. Where necessary you can also take advantage of WordPress’ ability to support both the Trackback and Pingback standards. This makes your website search engine friendly.

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