How wordpress development helps you to become a successful blogger?

Jan 6, 2012

How wordpress development helps you to become a successful blogger?

Article by Suresh Kumar

Blogging has gained widespread success and acceptance over the period of time. People are stepping out of their own fear of being read and are sharing anything they feel like. Providing the easy and comfortable means of publishing your thoughts, blogging has revealed to world an unprecedented pool of talent and creativity. Though if you are new to blogging, you must realize you have immense competition and the readers online are impatient, nobody will care two hoots for your blog if you do not appear interesting and refreshing to them. WordPress development can help you in giving the much required kick start to your blog, inculcating your personality and individuality in the same, thus giving your blog a personality of its own. Some of the pragmatic ways in which wordpress development can empower you to become a successful blogger are enumerated below. Get noticed with unique wordpress design: Being the most loved and used blogging platform that WordPress is, it offers its users a plethora of amazing themes which enables you, as a user, to customize and define the entire look and appeal of your blog. Besides there are professionals who offers you customize wordpress design to make your blog stands out with a unique customized design. WordPress Dashboard and its benefits: The moment you’ll login into your wordpress blog, you’ll be greeted by the dashboard. Dashboard provides you with an instantaneous updates of all that happened, the different tags, blogs, comments, caught spam etc. and it also enables you to make new posts from the dashboard itself. On the left sidebar, you can perform several actions, such as managing posts, users and pages. You can also navigate to manage the plug-ins, change the site settings, or even click to change the site look in few seconds. Cost effectiveness: wordpress is open source blogging software and saves you high buck which were otherwise spend creating a blog. Beside there is an active wordpress community working online, fervently coming up with new themes and designs and useful add-ons and plug-ins for your blog. User maintenance: WordPress is very user friendly and supports effective user maintenance. WordPress development allows you as an admin to manage different websites. Also it has provisions for effective user maintenance, giving you the authority to chose which reader can only read or post a comment and no user would be entitled to delete the posts unless your accent. SPAM Protections: WordPress comes with an inbuilt Akismet which is one of the powerful SPAM harvester engine. It gets rid of the unintelligent spam and keeps your blog aesthetic and clean. Robust functionality and cross browser compatibility: WordPress ascertains that each page of your blog would be fully functional and would be compatible with different popular web browsers like Opera, Firefox, safari, explorer etc. Search engine optimization: wordpress promises proper semantic coding which reaffirms search engine optimization and guarantees high level of organic traffic. It allows you to set SEO friendly URLs, tags, meta information and so on which eventually helps your site rank high. There are several good add-ons to optimize your website for search engines, one such plug-in is All In One SEO pack. Plug-Ins like this prevents a page getting cached multiple times with different URLs in Google. Thus if you aspire to be a successful blogger, ensure wordpress cms development today!

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