Launch of new WordPress 3.2.1 in wordpress development

Jan 12, 2012

Launch of new WordPress 3.2.1 in wordpress development

Article by Bakul Sikri

Providing advance features and making the process of website development easier has been the motive of launching every new version of wordpress. After 3.0 wordpress version was launched in February, 2011, the latest version in the field of wordpress development is set to be on floor. This includes wordpress 3.2.1. For the people who are new to wordpress, or wish to gain some basic knowledge about it, here is a brief description of this tool.

WordPress is an open source CMS tool which is used for making websites more customized, cross, browser compatible and easy to update. Few of the common wordpress features includes full standards compliance, password protected posts, no rebuilding for changing templates or making entries, easy installation and upgrades, easy importing, easy management of non-blog content, XML-RPC interface, easy creation, maintenance and updating of large number blogrolls, cross-blog communication tools, spam protection, intelligent text formatting, and many more.

Now with the launch of wordpress version 3.2.1, five more exiting features have been added to this list, making the task of wordpress website developers easier and more effective. These five new features include new default theme, face lifted admin UI, improved writing interface, outdated browser warning, and improved overall performance of wordpress tool.

The new default theme in this version has replaced the twenty ten theme with twenty eleven. This new theme is based on the popular duster theme, which is sleek, minimalistic and more pleasant to eyes in comparison to the earlier default themes. This theme also supports rotating images such as header and post format. This tradition of launching new default theme with every new version has been old for wordpress developer and tends to continue even in future. This new theme gives two color options i.e. light and dark along with a built-in theme option, which allows to choose desired color scheme, link color and layout.

In the face lifted admin UI of this new version, slight rework has been done in the admin panel sidebar. This change will not make you feel very far away from the old wordpress dashboard while using it. These changes have been kept to the extent till where things are faster and lighter. This new version of wordpress will now also warn you when your browser will get updated according to the latest technologies and versions. In wordpress 3.2.1, writing interface has also been improved by introducing new icons, which has lead to an improvement in the overall performance of wordpress tool for your website.

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