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Dec 3, 2014

Well, it’s been a busy year working on tremr, I finally found the time to write a little bit about it here (as a way of avoiding working on version 2!).

Tremr is a social blogging platform aimed at citizen journalism and the more serious and grown-up side of the Internet. Take a look:

The Tremr Homepage


We have planned out so many features and we are yet to implement or even prioritise all of them but I think the three key points are these:

Blogs are better when they are social

More content from more contributors and the ability to critique and discuss is always better than contributors acting alone in isolation. We believe in playing on the strengths of the world wide web and that means sharing content and increasing communication, we don’t believe that everyone owning their own domain name and relying on google to find content is the best way to use of the Internet to share knowledge and discuss opinions.

Latest Posts on Tremr


Content isn’t always original

The hardest think of all in creating content is getting started. We believe that there is a huge amount of potential in that half-thought idea or that initial gut reaction you have to somebody elses content or opinion and we want to give you way to express that. It should be easy to add small snippets of content as part of, or starting, a wider debate.

Create Content in the Editor


Control over how you discover content

We don’t think our algorythms can make better decisions about the content you want to see than you can. We want to give you control over the content that is suggested to you on your tremr page as well as the tools to go and discover the best content yourself by using rankings, ratings, sorting and filters.

An Example Tremr Post


A lot of that vision is coming in version 2, early next year. In the mean time we have made a good start at