WordPress – Dealing with lots of standard image sizes

May 16, 2012

WordPress is a fantastic tool for building websites but sometimes there are little things that are a bit tricky – one of those is thumbnail images. All the more frustrating because it gives you almost all of the tools you need – but not quite all of them. Here is a little utility function I have used to get around the fact that there is no wordpress function for getting a thumbnail image for a specific size (even when you have correctly generated the thumbnail at that size using the add_image_size function.

Adding a CMS Block to your Magento footer

Mar 30, 2012

This is a really quick and simple tutorial to explain how to add a CMS Block to your Magento sites footer. It is a simple case of creating the block and a few lines of content added to your layout xml file, all of which I will explain below. First thing is to create a new CMS Block from Magento’s CMS menu and to add some content, taking note of the identifier that you have entered.

Lite Website Content Management Options

Aug 15, 2011

Building websites that can be quickly and easily updated is vitally important but with so many content management systems available how do you make the decision as to which one to use. I am really concentrating on what I would categories as “lite” content solutions. Sites that take the pain out of managing your design and content but aren’t going to give you absolutely everything you might ever need in the process.

Order product list on your homepage in Magento

Jun 3, 2011

I recently found that having worked out how to place a cateogry of products on the homepage of my Magento site I wanted to specify the order that those products were listed in. Mainly this was because I was hiding the standard Magento toolbars, so the customer could not do this themselves. The first place I started looking was the system configuration menu, see below. This seemed like a promising place to start with the dropdown for “Product Listing Sort by”.

Add a new Magento CMS Template

Apr 14, 2011

I usually try and stick to the standard Magento templates where possible. The 3 column, 2 column left and right and single column layouts are nicely put together and it gives enough flexibility for most sites. I have recently been dealing with sites with landing pages that follow a single design layout but that are a bit too complicated to build from scratch each time using the single column template. So, I wondered how simple would it be to create my own template file that I can use for CMS pages, with dedicated blocks for different areas of the page.

Putting products on a Magento CMS page or Homepage

Mar 31, 2011

No matter how many Magento websites I build I never seem to be able to remember the following code snippet to add products onto the homepage or CMS page. I thought I would post, simply so I know where I can quickly find the information – I hope others find it useful as well. The simplest way to do this is to add a widget to the cms page which allows you to specify a category if you need to as well as the template.