Magento: Remove the “Customer Login” page title when using a form_login on your homepage

Jun 7, 2011

Magento provides a very nice way of placing a login form directly onto your page design, instead of the user having to click a login button, the only problem is that the login form inadvertently sets the page title to “Customer Login” for any page it is placed on. The fix is fairly simple, if a little bit of a hack. What you need to do is override the module that you use when placing the login form into your template.

Order product list on your homepage in Magento

Jun 3, 2011

I recently found that having worked out how to place a cateogry of products on the homepage of my Magento site I wanted to specify the order that those products were listed in. Mainly this was because I was hiding the standard Magento toolbars, so the customer could not do this themselves. The first place I started looking was the system configuration menu, see below. This seemed like a promising place to start with the dropdown for “Product Listing Sort by”.

Magento 1.4 Checklist/Cheatsheet

Feb 3, 2011

I’m starting to work on more and more Magento websites and there are so many little gotchas and configuration settings I thought I would start compiling a list of things to make sure I check while I do the development. I’ll keep adding to this as I fall victim to the “features” of Magento, if anyone else has any pointers then please comment below! Newsletter Bug Creating your own module

Carey’s Pipe & Tobacco Shop Magento/WordPress eCommerce Website

Oct 31, 2010

For this website the real key was enabling customers to engage via social media and to create a place where pipe smokers could discuss their hobby. Due in part to the way in which smoking in public is becoming less tolerated but also due to the banning of advertising through so many traditional channels the internet and especially social media was an avenue our clients were very keen to utilise. While they had run a success e-commerce website for a number of years they were not happy with their current site, or the technology it was built with and we were able to suggest Magento as a cutting-edge alternative.

Magento Order & Product Properties

Oct 7, 2010

I’m currently working on a module for a magento site that exports orders as they are made on the site. If anyone is trying to do the same then this list of properties may prove useful. I’m simply repeating it here because it took me so long to find and because magento themselves don’t seem to provide a reference and nor is it anywhere in the actual source code! Anyway