Where is HTML5 today?

Sep 27, 2011

Where is HTML5 today? New technologies have always attracted controversies related to implementation and compatibility with preexisting environments. It is certainly the case for the latest developments in web technologies like HTML5 or CSS3, which may discourage web designers and developers from implementing their features, mainly due to the fact that they are yet to receive full browser support. However, wide acceptance by designers and developers to embrace the newer technologies, will most likely push other technologies to implement change and adapt more quickly.

Dive into HTML5

Sep 24, 2011

Dive into HTML5 Just question yourself “If you want to build a new web site from scratch than which doc type would you use?” “Well, then I guess that you would like to go with “. As HTML5 programming is an excellent tool for new websites and apps. HTML5 specifications:- Interactivity and Native support :-From past many years the web developers were trying to invent a tool which has capacity to display fluid animations, stream video, play music and integrate with Social networking sites.

What Does HTML5 Mean for Web Development?

Sep 22, 2011

What Does HTML5 Mean for Web Development? Article by John K. Taylor The practice of web development is based upon using a variety of technical languages to ‘write’ or ‘code’ sites online. Developers study for years to get a good grasp of these languages so that they are able to build the amazing effects you see on modern websites. Understandably, then, when a new mark-up language is released it is usually surrounded by a considerable amount of both hype and trepidation from web development professionals.

Google to use HTML5 in Gmail

Sep 17, 2011

Google to use HTML5 in Gmail Ibuynow Laptop Battery – In keeping with Google’s enthusiasm for the emerging HTML5 standard, many upcoming features of the company’s Gmail Web-based e-mail service will be rendered in HTML5, said Adam de Boor, a staff software engineer working on the service. “We have things that we can do much more efficiently in HTML5,” said De Boor, speaking Thursday at the Usenix WebApps ’10 in Boston.

Flash to HTML5 Tutorials

Sep 14, 2011

Flash to HTML5 Tutorials Article by Mandy Hathaway This is really the era of the Internet, in which people all over the planet are eager to devote quite a good part of the day online, possibly surfing websites or sharing bits of info about their existence with pals but also strangers. Businesses these days have come to appreciate the enormous possibilities that the Web provides and also the access it offers one to the global marketplace.

Reasons for Choosing HTML5 Instead of HTML

Sep 12, 2011

Reasons for Choosing HTML5 Instead of HTML For any website development project, converting the design to HTML is a necessity. HTML is considerably the most well known and most preferred markup language in use today. One of its greatest values is its ability to help describe and structure the content and appearance of website pages on the Internet. That is one of the key reasons it can be found in use by web developers worldwide.


Sep 7, 2011

PSD to HTML5 Article by JEANINE WEBB PSD to HTML5 conversion is very important and widely used in order to convert a file which is designed in PSD into other languages (markup) like HTML5. The important thing about the HTML5 markup language is that it is steadily becoming popular and is easily accessible by many internet browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Apple, Microsoft and Google chrome.

apple’s HTML5 and web standards

Sep 6, 2011

apple’s HTML5 and web standards apple’s HTML5 and web standards apple acquaint a advertise of ¡°HTML5 and web standards¡± on its website Thursday that highlights the akin of abutment for the arising accepted in the company¡¯s Safari and Mobile Safari browsers. It¡¯s nice to see apple (or anyone for that matter) talking about HTML5 and advertence added than just video. The website showcases HTML5 audio and canvas elements, as able-bodied as CSS 3 transitions and typography tools.

PSD in order to HTML5

Sep 4, 2011

PSD in order to HTML5 PSD in order to HTML5 transformation is essential as well as popular to be able to transform personal files that is developed in PSD in to additional dialects (markup) such as HTML5. The main thing concerning the HTML5 markup vocabulary is it is actually continuously getting well-liked and it is readily available through numerous browsers such as Mozilla Opera, Apple company, Ms as well as Search engines stainless.

Has PSD to HTML Conversion Market Diverged After The Launch of HTML5?

Sep 1, 2011

Has PSD to HTML Conversion Market Diverged After The Launch of HTML5? When it comes to website development, PSD to HTML/XHTML is considered to be the most reliable and effective way of converting design to HTML. However, ever since the introduction of HTML5, there has been a constant debate on whether PSD to HTML5 will bring an end to PSD to HTML conversion? Before coming to this point, let us discuss about HTML and HTML5.