Magento: Display the store telephone number

Mar 13, 2011

Displaying the store telephone number that you entered into the Magento Admin seems like it should be obvious but it took me ages to track down, here is how. In a template file you add the telephone number by calling getStoreConfig like this… <?php echo Mage::getStoreConfig('general/store_information/phone'); ?> But from within the CMS, it is much simpler – there is actually a link to insert it somewhere in the menu that Mobile Website

Aug 15, 2010

After having implemented the Cable & Wireless Guernsey telephone directory into the find website it seemed a really good idea to try to make this work for people’s mobile phones. The basic interface allows users to search the directory but also includes buttons to frequently searched items. The results were limited due to the way they are presented to us but I managed to ensure phone numbers were clickable on most phones – and allow immediate dialing of numbers.

Guernsey Telephone Directory for

Mar 30, 2010

A brief meeting with Cable & Wireless Guernsey and we hit upon the idea of integrating a portion of the find website with their island wide telephone directory. The main complaint with their service was that you had to select several drop down boxes and enter your search into a different box depending on whether you wanted to search white/yellow pages. They have since updated and improved their website but we still prefer our find version.