Humans Who Made – A directory of humans.txt files

Mar 2, 2012

After a few weeks of development I have finally decided to “go public” with a new site I have designed and developed. Drum-roll if you please… Humans Who Made! The site is basically an index of humans.txt files that forms a directory of sites and the people who actually built them. The idea for humans.txt files themselves comes from the people over at and the idea for indexing the files using a crawler, rather than by submissions is down to me.

Web standards and why I still really don’t care

Jan 3, 2012

Web standards and why I still really don”t care Originally published: 2nd March 2009 but before the content gets lost I thought I would republish it here! I really think this view is even more valid now we have HTML5 and CSS3 appearing, not to mention dealing with IE6, 7, 8 and 9! I really don”t care about web standards. There I said it. I feel slightly guilty and ashamed about this but I”m rather hoping that there are plenty of people out there who feel the same way.

Hire wordpress team as wordpress development is the best choice to build website

Aug 12, 2011

Hire wordpress team as wordpress development is the best choice to build website Article by Joe Wilson Parker Everybody of us likes to get a website that can be easily accessible and stand our expectation in design and functionality. When look becomes able to attract the users, the functionalities should let the users feel comfortable. You can get these facilities easily through wordpress development.

Why Select Magento Ecommerce Development for Your Online Shopping Cart Website?

Jul 26, 2011

Why Select Magento Ecommerce Development for Your Online Shopping Cart Website? Magento Ecommerce offers merchants complete control over the client experience, shopping deal, inventory, content and other functionality of their online shopping cart websites. Due to remarkable benefits it offers, Magento ecommerce development shopping cart website has become quite popular in today ecommerce market. Thousands of online owners hire Magento Developer to use Magento as a platform for their successful running online stores.

The best design solutions for your WordPress website

Jul 1, 2011

Six Sources for finding the best design solutions for your WordPress website. Free WordPress Themes directory is the most important WordPress themes provider. Here you can find the newest themes, plugins and news about wordpress. WordPress Themes Archive has gathered over 2000 free wordpress themes and, excluding the directory which allows the preview of each individual themes, provides a file containing all the themes, a file which has nearly 400 mb and which can be downloaded directly from the website as an archive (in zip or tar.gz) or with a torrent client.

Ruby on Rails Website Development Services May Use Version 3.0

Jun 17, 2011

Ruby on Rails is a web development tool that has gained sudden popularity! Originally, the programming language by the name of Ruby was formulated. However, it was not as successful as expected. Later on, “37 Signals’ developed the programming language called Rails for use within the company using Ruby. This combination of Ruby and Rails gained widespread acceptance. Ruby on Rails development became popular in the world of web development. It has its own benefits to back up the hype.

Get Visually Appealing Website With PSD to WordPress Template

Jun 9, 2011

WordPress is a well known CMS that provides a lot of flexibility and useful features. With the help of WordPress, it is extremely easy to manage, edit and update a website. With traditional methods of website development like PSD to HTML/XHTML or PSD to CSS, one requires professional help to make changes to a website, but not with PSD to WordPress. It provides a user friendly and easy to manage website.