Kelvin Re – Holding page

Jan 19, 2015

This is just a simpe one-pager for reinsurance company Kelvin Re but with some nice responsive features and CSS animation when the page loads to give an otherwise fairly unexciting page a bit of life. Awaiting designs for the full website, so watch the space for something a little more interesting.

New Street Management Website

Dec 3, 2014

This is a nice clean and simple one-page design for a Guernsey Trust company, using the Foundation CSS framework and graphical elements from TwoDegreesNorth. The project well well and was turned around quickly for the client.

Marketing Ecosystems Presentation

Apr 5, 2012

I had the honour of preparing a presentation for the first ever Channel Island-wide digital marketing seminars in March this year and the whole thing has made its way onto the net. So if you can put up with me talking for half an hour on the subject of Marketing Ecosystems and where we are likely to see marketing opportunities in the digital world over the next few years, here it is.

Humans Who Made – A directory of humans.txt files

Mar 2, 2012

After a few weeks of development I have finally decided to “go public” with a new site I have designed and developed. Drum-roll if you please… Humans Who Made! The site is basically an index of humans.txt files that forms a directory of sites and the people who actually built them. The idea for humans.txt files themselves comes from the people over at and the idea for indexing the files using a crawler, rather than by submissions is down to me.

Web standards and why I still really don’t care

Jan 3, 2012

Web standards and why I still really don”t care Originally published: 2nd March 2009 but before the content gets lost I thought I would republish it here! I really think this view is even more valid now we have HTML5 and CSS3 appearing, not to mention dealing with IE6, 7, 8 and 9! I really don”t care about web standards. There I said it. I feel slightly guilty and ashamed about this but I”m rather hoping that there are plenty of people out there who feel the same way.

Lite Website Content Management Options

Aug 15, 2011

Building websites that can be quickly and easily updated is vitally important but with so many content management systems available how do you make the decision as to which one to use. I am really concentrating on what I would categories as “lite” content solutions. Sites that take the pain out of managing your design and content but aren’t going to give you absolutely everything you might ever need in the process.

Loc8tor Multi-Region Multi-Language Magento eCommerce Website

Jun 14, 2011

This new site follows a design I was provided and is built using Magento and a number of specialist plugins. The core Magento functionality for different websites and stores was used to create versions of the site in multiple languages and with slightly different product ranges and pricing. All of this was done with the minimum of repetition within the admin portion of the site. I used an Advanced Currency plugin by Retail Evolved to allow for prices to be set in one currency but billed in another – allowing the site owners to keep a single currency merchant account.

Catherine Best Magento eCommerce Website

Jun 10, 2011

This Magento site had a really fast turn-around and I think everyone has been really pleased by the results. We are aiming for a high-end market and trying to make the most of the Jewellery. From a technical point of view the site uses Magento under the hood, but the product lists have been heavily customised to show large product images and use some flashy javascript to scroll through the product photos.